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We support clients in their efforts to present a professional image of their company – from a series of portraits in the business environment to a presentation of their products for the internet, for packaging or for promotional campaigns. It all starts with an idea for communication, from which we develop the visual concept and eventually end up producing the photos. But this is not all. We also elaborate design ideas for images on packaging. Or maybe you need a trained eye and a hand that will handle the composition for you? We also offer experience here. At Involt, you will find the right specialist for every eventuality.

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A wide range of services

The services provided by Involt encompass the entire spectrum of imagery creation, from consulting and conceptualization to production and finalization for both the web and print. At our photo studio in Basel, we are well-equipped for both small and large productions, for portraits and also for product photography. With our expertise, we provide the link between client and end product.

Creation of imagery

We have more than 20 years of experience in the conception and production of imagery. Direct collaboration with the end customer without having to go through a photo agency has proved especially valuable. Our mobile studio and extensive equipment enable us to be exactly where you need us very quickly. At Involt, we work out of love for photography and a passion for creating perfect images. Our feel for people along with solid training and a vast wealth of ideas are the sources from which we draw the inspiration for our work.


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Involt can work big or small

Involt can do an individual photo shoot in your company. Or we can organize a professional production for you in our own studio. And of course anything in between is also possible. Depending on the task in hand, we can put together either a small or a large team. Whatever the situation, we will deliver high-quality photos either for print or for use in digital media. If the job calls for it, we collaborate with specialists, who prepare and process our images exactly to the client’s specifications.

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